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Critique Connection

Many writers and illustrators know that having a great critique group can help you develop and improve your craft. The same holds true for translators! Jackie Friedman Mighdoll, a member of SCBWI San Francisco/South, has created Critique Connection, a self-serve system for connecting with other translator members who are interested in forming a group. Successful groups can be working in the same language or across different languages. They might meet virtually, in person, or exchange drafts asynchronously. You get to decide what works best for you.

Use this link to access our database of other translators seeking critique partners. You need to be logged in to your SCBWI account to see the page. Add your information and/or contact people already listed. It is your responsibility to keep your information current. Once you find a group, or if you decide you are no longer in the market for a group, please remove your entry from the database.

Occasionally an existing group will lose a member and look for replacements, but most people grow their own group.

Let us know how you go with Critique Connection!